iPod Witch Episode #29

Hello everyone! Episode 29 is up and ready for you. I have feedback, a book review, and more in this episode. I hope you enjoy! In this episode I give out the following links:

Pagan Parents On The Edge “Have a Look”
Fire Lyte’s blog
Bonnie Plants
The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines

The Podcast of the Moment is: Get Witchified!

Also I have been enjoying these podcasts:

PCP: Pagan Centered Podcast
Stirring the Cauldron


Episode #29


5 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #29

  1. Brook,This was another great episode as always. This episode felt as if I were sitting having Ice Tea with you listening to you talk. I love how personable you are with us.Drake Atlas

  2. Brook,Very cool episode. Fairly new to your podcast. Going back and listening to them all as I do homework. On your pumpkins, Something that is kinda cool to do. Is while there fairly "young" you can cut slightly into them, It'll kinda leave a 'scar' if you will. It's kinda neat to have lil designs on them as they grow. Gibby

  3. Hi, Its You Brook,I love the show so much! The only thing that disappoints me is that you dont have them out quick enough! You should have your own radio show, its just what i wanted, I could sit and listen all day nehahaha, Every Little Bit Helps. Oh please read my comment out, I would feel like a celeb! And tell that Earana person that she is a phycopath on the loose no matter how toned her legs are and her nails and her craft experience (probably a lie)!, she is full of it! and pathetic! I think your show is very helpful for pagans everywere and i love your rambling and outragous situations you come up with nehahaha. any news from the other provinces for next time? Take Care! RosemaryP.S: I was pickpocketed the other day, so gaurd your purses! – Thought id add my own little ramblin touch! Just Go Away!

  4. BrookeI am sooooo behind on listening to podcasts, but I just listened to episode #29 of yours. Thanks for the shoutout and making Get Witchified your podcast of the moment! You are great. I love your show. And Jo Jo is adorable!BlessingsOseaana

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