iPod Witch Episode #140

Yes, a new episode of the iPod Witch podcast.  Unfortunately it is also the last episode.  Thank you to all my listeners over the years.  It’s been a good run, but it’s time to go.  I will keep the site up forever.  I will be stopping my podcast hosting either in September or October.  I’ll do an update when I do.  I am not sure if the podcasts will stay on iTunes after that as they’ll all be in the Libsyn archives.  Hopefully the show will live on that way.

Episode #140

Address change..

You might have noticed that ipodwitch.com isn’t mine anymore.  I forgot to renew it in November, so someone else snatched it up. I actually was going to ‘make an offer’ to get it back, but the least they would let you bid was $199.  I don’t think so!   The site is still here on WordPress and will continue to be.  Also, I changed my mailing address on the contact page.  I hope to podcast soon.  Life has been crazy for the past year!


Yes, I am alive.  Sorry I haven’t posted anything here or anywhere else in almost a year.  I hope to get a podcast out before too much longer.  It’s been a long crazy year.  I just wanted to update the site so everyone knows that I am alive. 🙂

iPod Witch Episode #139

I have listener feedback, an herb segment, a gem segment, the almanac segment and rambles.  As I was sending this to iTunes to convert it, I opened up the podcasts on the new iTunes (I still HATE the new confusing layout)  and I saw where Greywolf posted about Peter Paddon’s passing.  I had no clue that this had happened and I’m saddened that I didn’t see it before I finished editing my podcast. I guess I should really keep up with all things Pagan!

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Episode #139

iPod Witch Episode #137

I have listener feedback, a Pagan almanac segment, and lots of rambles.

Links mentioned in the show:

Magic school

Seems like I mentioned two links but I can’t remember the other. If I did, please let me know and I’ll add it!

ALSO after I sent this to Libsyn, I found some e-mails in my spam folder. If you sent me a message and it didn’t get read on this episode, it will be read on the next. Sorry!

Episode #137