Yes, I’m alive!

I actually planned to do my podcast today, but I didn’t sleep AT ALL last night. I’ve been like this…. ~_~; All day. lol I’ve been behind lately and had planned to get caught up today. I have soooo many people to e-mail and I need to get caught up on everything. I’m sorry its taken me so long. Hopefully I’ll get the episode out tomorrow… if not tomorrow by Sunday at the latest. I’ll also answer a e-mails.

Right now I’m going to get off the computer before I fall over. lol I need sleeeeeeeeep!


10 thoughts on “Yes, I’m alive!

  1. Well I didn't know that the Goddess cared so much about what we did. Sounds like this Earana person is spitting up Christian Babbles to me.Love the show Brook.

  2. Earana,And do you seriously think you are representing the Goddess in a positive way by publicly attacking people on public forums? So when will your podcast be coming out?

  3. Earana,For someone who dosn't like Brook as much as you don't like her, you sure spend a lot of time commenting on her blog. Say what your going to say and be done. If you wish no harm, leave it alone. It is you who is sending all the negative energy in the world to her.If you have been a witch for 20 years like your post on podcast alley says you are familliar with the line of the rede that says, "speak ye little, and listen much." If you don't like what Brook says in her show be done with it. Unsubscribe from it and stop spreading such negative energy through your words.If you think you are on some self-righteous kick of proving your a better witch because of your years of practice, my suggestion is get of of your high horse. My Mother studied with Gerald Gardner himself and she taught me her tradition. Brook is the Ideal witch because Gardner taught his students to love eachother and not spread such hate.

  4. Earana,I did read your post on Pod Cast Alley and instead of shedding light on the seriousness of this, you made yourself look like a baffoon and your comment is very threatening!! Maybe you are accustomed to threatening people where you are from but that clearly is not a way a pagan should display themselves to the public. If I was not a pagan and happen to have read your post on Pod Cast Alley, I would think pagans were lunatics and I would find another spiritual outlet. I would have thought more negative of you and not so much about the ipod witch.Maybe you should take the time to think more clearly before sitting at the computer. Maybe you think you are doing some good but you have portrayed yourself poorly in your response.Earana, it is fine for you to not like this podcast but you have gone much further than to simply state your dislike.

  5. Earana,I didnt even reliase this was a pagan podcast! I didnt know that pagan podcasts these days are about, how you recieve disability allowance, eating at pizza hut, all about peoples new phones and their favourite brand of coca cola! She spends all her time reading completely iratic questions from listeners who only want to be mentioned on her podcast (I wouldnt be surprised if she sat all week typing them up herself!) for some crazy reason?! She makes a laugh about the pagan religion andf does not provide any useful information at all! A christian would know more about the craft than her. Im pagan by the way! I have read your blogspot and the work you have done for the pagan community is amazing, I also wish to take part in one of your courses in the fall. I cannot wait for your podcast to air next week and i hope you finish this "Ipod Witch" off! Tara

  6. Tara, Brook is describing her situation and daily life, which is of interest to many of us. She wasn't simply at Pizza Hut, but she was having a heart to heart talk with her sister while there about being Pagan, or perhaps you missed that HUGE thing! I find daily life important-don't you? Brook is willing to open her life up to us, and let us in on a personal level, which to me takes more guts than just doing a podcast on Pagan topics we could look up and read about. That's one of the things that makes this podcast different. It's personal. I just recently found this podcast, and enjoy it very much for those very reasons. When you are Pagan your daily life is Pagan-it's all relevant. People are spending way too much time talking about things they don't like about this podcast. If you don't like it, simply go away! Life's too short to spend it on negativity. If you find this podcast wrong for you-be gone!

  7. I'm afraid that Earana is right, Brook, It would have been so much different if you just handled the situation in a calm matter. Instead you had to go and be mean to somebody. You don't know this person?! For all you know the person that left the comment could have been some christian who didn't know what s/he was talking about. This Earana person does have a point, Brook is a very kind person, but I would study the craft more before you go around and tell people what you think. Some of these people on the blog leaving comments are extremely immature. No hard feelings

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