iPod Witch Episode #106

Listener feedback, App segment, and rambles. 🙂

Apps mentioned in today’s episode:

Shopkick —- (Android and iPhone)
Stumble Upon — (Android and iPhone)
Pocket Casts —- (Android and iPhone)
Snap Guide —- (iPhone only)
Today in History —- (Android and iPhone)
Dictionary from Farlex — (Android and iPhone)

Episode #106

iPod Witch Episode #105

Listener feedback, What I’m Reading, new app segment, and rambles! 🙂

Apps mentioned in show:

Pink Pad (Android and iPhone)
WhiteNoise (Android and iPhone)
Moon river (iPhone)
Moon Reader (Android)
Mantano Reader (Android)
Moon phase (Android and iPhone)
Relax m.p. (iPhone)

Books mentioned in WIR:

The Magic of Oz by: L. Frank Baum
The Royal Book of Oz by: Ruth Plumly Thompson
Glinda of Oz by: L. Frank Baum
Salem’s Lot by: Stephen King
Summer of Night by: Dan Simmons
Insomnia by: Stephen King
The Road by: Cormac McCarthy
While They Slept by: Kathryn Harrison
Myths and Mysteries of New Jersey by: Fran Capo
Instant: The Story of Polaroid by: Christopher Bonanos
First Frost by: Jennifer Estep
Touch of Frost by: Jennifer Estep

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Episode #105

iPod Witch Episode #99

I have listener feedback, Pagan on the Go, What I’m Reading, and rambles. 🙂

Link to Fire Lyte’s awesome article:
The Separation of Wand and State

From the What I’m Reading segment:

Incense Magick by: Carl F. Neal
Skeleton Crew by: Stephen King
Thinner by: Richard Bachman (SK)
Better Blood Pressure by: Rob Edwards
True Crime: Virginia by: John F. Jebb
True Crime: Massachusetts by: Eric Ethier
The Stalking of Teresa Saldana by: Ronald Markmam  and Ron Labrecque


Pictures will be up on Flickr later today. 🙂

Episode #99

iPod Witch Episode #94

I have listener feedback, a What I’m Reading segment, a Pagan on the Go segment, and more!

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Pagan Magic
The Green Witch

Books in the WIR:
The Gunslinger by: Stephen King
The Drawing of Three by: Stephen King
The Wastelands by: Stephen King
Wizard and Glass by: Stephen King
The Wolves of the Calla by: Stephen King
Song of Susannah by: Stephen King
The Dark Tower by: Stephen King
Seasons of Witchery by: Ellen Dugan
Behind the Door by: Ken McCoy

Also in the episode I give my recipe for hashbrown casserole. Here is that:
1 bag frozen hash browns
2 cans cream of potato soup
1 8oz container of sour cream
2 – 4 cups of cheese.
Combine all ingredients in a big bowl.  Be sure to mix well.  Put into a large greased (or Cooking sprayed) baking dish.  Bake for one hour at 400.

I go into a bit more detail in the podcast about prep if you are interested.

See you next time!

Episode #94