iPod Witch Episode #127

I have a lot of listener feedback, What I’m Reading, Story time, and rambles.  

What I’m Reading list:

Tales from The Swollen Corpse by: Sam Williams
Freddy’s House by: David Jester
End of the Line by: Lara Frater
Dead: The Ugly Beginning by: T.W. Brown
Road Kill (Zombie Games #4) by: Kristen Middleton
End Zone (ZG #5) by: Kristen Middleton
Forensic Detective: How I Cracked… by: Robert Mann




Episode #127


iPod Witch Episode #123

I have listener feedback, What I’m reading, and an herbal segment on Rosemary.  I also have the regular dose of rambles. 🙂

Books mentioned in WIR:

Essie’s House by: Robert Meyerson

Where the Dead Talk by: Ken Davis

Remnant by: Kate Hansen

More Zombies Than Bullets by: Carl Cart

Dr. Sleep by: Stephen King

Outside by: Shalini Boland



Episode #123

iPod Witch Episode #121

I have listener feedback, What I’m Reading, Gushing, and rambles.  
Links mentioned in the show:

Plant Hardiness by Zone (find your zone!)
Azodnem.com <— Talented artist and listener of the podcast

Books in WIR:

Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer by: Time Cahill
Dead, but Not for Long by: Matthew Kinney
The Awakening (Bloodlines #1) by: Apyrl Baker
Six days with the Dead by: Stephen Charlick
Five more days with the Dead by: Stephen Charlick
Last days with the Dead by: Stephen Charlick
Zombie, Inc. by: Christine Dougherty
Judgement Day: A Zombie Apocalypse by: JE Gurley
Beautiful Demons (Peachville High Demons, #1) by: Sarra Cannon
Deadlocked by: A.R. Wise
Zombie Day Care (Impact #1) by: Craig Halloran
Journals of the Damned by: G.J. Zukow
Disappearance by: Ryan Wiley
Servants of Darkness by: Mark Edward Hall
The Want-Ad Killy by: Ann Rule
A Rose for her Grave and other True Cases by: Ann Rule

I hope you enjoy the episode!  Have a great Mabon next week.  See you again in two weeks.

PS: I say there is a POTG in this and I forgot to add it. OOPS

Episode #121

iPod Witch Episode #119

I have listener feedback, What I’m reading, and rambles. 🙂

Links mentioned in show:

Poison ivy remedies


Books in my WIR segment:

Unanswered Cries: A True Story Of… by: Thomas French

Inside The Criminal Mind: Behavioral Science Insights From The FBI by: David Webb

A Rage to Kill and Other True Cases (Crime Files, #6) by: Ann Rule

I’ll Be Watching You by: M. William Phelps

Four Past Midnight by: Stephen King

Never See Them Again by: M. William Phelps

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board by: Zoe Aarsen

Enjoy! See you in September.

Episode #119

iPod Witch Episode #118

I have a LOT of listener feedback, What I’m Reading and rambles! 🙂 I have links to all the great ebook site recommendations from my listeners. Let’s do those first:

ebook site recommendations:

Cheap books for Kindle
Free Digital Reads
Kindle (Free) Book club (On Facebook)
Pagan ebooks for free (On Facebook)
Free Book Sifter
Daily Bargains for Bargain and Free Kindle Books
Pixel of Ink

iPad recommendation:
Emerald Observatory for iPad

Books in my WIR segment:
Dark Frost by: Jennifer Estep
Crimson Frost by: Jennifer Estep
The Tommyknockers Stephen King
Passion Lauren Kate
Rapture Lauren Kate
All American Murder By: Amber Hunt
Clue in the Broken Locket By: Carolyn Keene
Cell By: Stephen King
Where the Boys Are By: Doreen Owens Malek
The Pastors Wife By: Diane Fanning
Love’s Blood By: Clark Howard
Just After Sunset By: Stephen King
Anne of Green Gables By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of Avonlea By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of The Island By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of Windy Poplars By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne’s House of Dreams By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of Ingleside By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Rainbow Valley By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Rilla of Ingleside By: Lucy Maud Montgomery
What Would Judy Say By: Judge Judy Sheindlin
Joyland by: Stephen King
Lolita By: Vladimir Nabokov
Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors… By: Ann Rule
Mortality #1 By: Kellie Sheridan
Origins (Zombie Games) #1 By: Kristen Middleton
Running Wild (Zombie Games) #2 By: Kristen Middleton
Dead Endz (Zombie Games #3 By: Kristen Middleton
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs
Zombie Ohio By: Scott Kenemore
You Belong to Me By: Ann Rule
Plague Zone By: David Wellington
Shattered Justice By: John Philpin
Final Analysis By: Catherine Crier

WHEW! All done! See you next time. 🙂

Episode #118

iPod Witch Episode #111

I have listener feedback, an app segment, a Pagan on the go segment, and rambles.  Enjoy!

Apps mentioned are:

BeWeather – Blackberry

Evernote – Blackberry, iOS, and Android

Nova Launcher – Android

If I forgot anything, let me know!  Thanks for listening. 🙂


PS I changed the site layout right after uploading the episode.


Episode #111