iPod Witch Episode #127

I have a lot of listener feedback, What I’m Reading, Story time, and rambles.  

What I’m Reading list:

Tales from The Swollen Corpse by: Sam Williams
Freddy’s House by: David Jester
End of the Line by: Lara Frater
Dead: The Ugly Beginning by: T.W. Brown
Road Kill (Zombie Games #4) by: Kristen Middleton
End Zone (ZG #5) by: Kristen Middleton
Forensic Detective: How I Cracked… by: Robert Mann




Episode #127


2 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #127

  1. My name is Earana Altmer,
    I am currently recording my own pagan podcast to share my experiences, I am high priestess of a coven for over 20 years and would like to add value and present accurate information to pagans everywhere.
    I am currently quite busy with my coven in the build up to Yule, that I fear I will not have time to produce a proper podcast until the new year.
    However I have uploaded a pilot episode which I would love to share with you all and get some feedback.
    I am excited to present my new podcast and hope you enjoy it.
    Please feel free to comment or email me.
    Many Thanks and Blessed Be,

    My Official Promo:
    The Official Podcast of Shadows Promo

    Official Episode 1:
    Podcast of Shadows #0 (Pilot)

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