iPod Witch Episode #125

I have listener feedback, Pagan on the Go, and rambles.  Enjoy!

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Episode #125


17 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #125

  1. To All Pagan Podcast Listeners.

    My name is Earana and I have been high priestess of the Temple of the Altmer coven here in New York City for 30 years.

    As a member of The Pagan Federation from the beginning of its launch in 1971 in the UK and now international, I have been summoned to a meeting last week to organise an appeal and blessing for the Philippine people due to the crisis that has occurred in their country.

    Whilst at this meeting another subject that arose was the topic of E-Wicca and wiccan resources on the internet, etc.. Including websites, books, online shops, podcasts and such.

    This is a topic I have delved into over 2 years ago when I discovered a lot of inaccuracy and false information regarding Wicca and people claiming to be Pagan online and spreading the wrong traditions and false practices.

    One such podcast that has caught my attention was ” The Ipod Witch” by a Brook L. Stargazer. After being approached by a concerned follower of my own coven while doing a speech and research on this subject, I was recommended to explore this podcast.

    I was not prepared for emotions that caught my attention when I first listened to an episode of this podcast.

    A “woman” who claimed to be wiccan for many years ridiculing a sacred religion that people has fought to resurrect and gain respect for so many years.

    This woman terms herself as a witch in order to promote herself and make fun and games for herself and socialise with people. This might not be a problem, however the issues occurred when I found that many people actually associate her as a pagan and wiccan follower and look to her for advice.

    This woman provides ridiculous and outrageous answers to her askers and many times contradicts herself or exclaims false information… For example telling a woman who asked for weight loss help to use a unakite crystal to shed weight.. When in fact a unakite crystal has been used since ancient times for weight gain and appetite promoter.

    This is only one of the thousands of contradictions she has made. Which sh fact dangerously prescribes!

    I was also appalled at the manner that was portrayed when answering the actual important questions received from listeners a woman named Catherine asked Brook about familiars, she simply made a complete mockery of the question and did not enclose any useful information on the topic! and continued to rant and use horrible language to address some controversy she had with another one of her listeners. Using profanities is particularly distasteful to me.

    Most of the time she does not even talk about paganism and instead talks about drinking Coca Cola and other slothy behaviours instead of an actual pagan podcast.

    Do not promote a broadcast to people as pagan when it is in fact not.

    I have not listened to every episode of the filth as I cannot bear to see my religion being dragged through the dirt once more.

    I urge people to please stop listening to these podcasts if you truly want to experience the pagan religion and open your spirituality to enjoy the magic of life and mysteries of the earth.

    There is many useful and reliable online links featured on the Pagan Federation Website or my own website “The Temple of Altmer” for all international wiccans. This links are all credible and helpful for people beginning the craft and tools for experienced practitioners to follow and be guided.

    I also intend to open my own podcast for people beginning the craft and explore the various traditions and provide a helpful basis and resource for anyone use for information or needs proper guidance.

    Blessed Be,

    High Priestess of the Temple of Altmer, NYC.

    • Earana, your comment isn’t only out of place, it’s disturbing. Everybody here is really nice, so I’ll tell you the things as I see them: you are acting like an Extemist Christian. Have you actually listened to Brook’s podcast? Because I have and nothing of the things you mention are there. All of your accusations are completely baseless and terribly subjective. Where’s your evidence? Mockery? I’m sorry, but I can’t recall a single time where Brook mocked anyone. Contradictions? Where?

      You see, Brook is HONEST, OPEN, SWEET and has never, EVER claimed to be the sole owner of the truth. I believe you have not understood the point of her podcast, and that’s sad.

      If you have a problem with Brook’s podcast (maybe she’s too sweet, too nice or overwhelmingly funny for you?), well, you can always opt to “not listen” to her.

    • Ok not to be a dick here but can you explain to me the Temple of Altmer thing? The only way I know of that word is a race of elves in the Elder Scrolls game. Is it a real word or is it just too much Skyrim? Not that I don’t love the game.

  2. Who are you? I will send out some positive energy to you tonight in circle. Clearly you have missed out on the part where we “harm none.” Your approach is aggressive and unnecessarily angry, and intended to be hurtful. Brooke approaches Paganism as it is, an eclectic collection of beliefs in which no one person has all the answers. I encourage you to go ahead and start a podcast and I also encourage you to stop listening and commenting on Brooke’s if you don’t like it. No one forces you to listen. However, I will continue to listen because I feel that Brooke is a highly valued member of the Pagan community, I enjoy her sense of humor, and I know that she does not have a mean bone in her body. Brooke would not dream of going to your website to “flame” you. Show some respect for yourself and just go away. Trolls are not welcome in the Pagan community. Brightest blessings on you and yours.

  3. Hmmm…I did a little poking around online and I can’t find any mention of your “coven” online. I DID find a very short post on a blog dated Sept 1, 2009 where you talk about getting your “long awaited podcast” up on iTunes soon. When I checked iTunes I can find no trace of “The Pagan Diva”. Apparently this was the one and only post about said podcast and the only post ever written on this blog.

    People like you make me tired. You are doing exactly what you accuse Brook of doing. You are spreading hate and deception and doing a mighty poor job of it. You see, most of us do not blindly believe everything that we read and considering you cannot back up anything that you have said, I think I will have to go with my instincts that you are indeed full of crap. So, my suggestion to you is to go about your merry way and do your own podcast if that is what you want to do.

    I would also like to point out that not every podcast that is done by a Pagan has to be strictly about Pagan topics. I host The Pagan Homesteader and I called it such because I am Pagan and I am a Homesteader. I discuss Pagan related things from time to time but mostly I discuss things related to homesteading. See, the nice thing about living in THIS country is that we have freedom of speech. That means we can say whatever we want and if you don’t like it, well, I would tell you what to do with your broomstick but I’ll be nice. So here’s a suggestion, if you don’t like a particular podcast, don’t listen to it. It’s that simple.

    Brook is a good person and a good podcaster, of which you can claim to be neither. So go away small person before a house falls on you.

  4. I suppose it was a mistake on my part to bother trying to look for proper pagans on this site. It seems that the majority of listeners to this podcast are no more than a group of lost teenagers who have little or no knowledge about the craft and simply claim that they are pagan and/or wiccan in an attempt to fit in and praise there podcaster.

    There is obviously no interest in learning the craft from this podcast as it contains nothing pagan in its entirety apart from 2-3 “tips” on using a herb and scraping a 30 second book review.

    Unfortunately it is you who are responsible for causing the negative portrayal of this beautiful earth based religion and spoiling it on the rest of us.

    An example of this is when someone replied and left a message to cast spells on me in a circle without my permission while in the same paragraph tried to explain the wiccan rede to “harm none”. Is a childish statement that I no longer have the energy to address.

    I wonder if your views were somewhat skewed due to the gospel of your beloved explained the wiccan rede as, “if they harm you, do what you will”. This is a vile and nasty skewed statement of the wiccan rede and goes against the complete ancient text! Brook you have a lot to answer for.

    On another episode Brook explains how she has now changed her mind and “has outgrown her wicca” and has no idea what she believes in and now going to just call herself a green witch, or a witch, whatever sounds better i suppose? She obviously has no idea or holds any values in her religion and continues to make these podcasts as a way of receiving praise from her small listeners.

    The only good thing that has recently come out of this podcast is that she stated that she is not wiccan and is very unsure about what her true path is, an improvement from allowing people to role model her and feel like she is somewhat of a celebrity.

    I have not come here to attack people, simply to point out some facts and guide people whom I thought were interested in actually learning about paganism or wicca.


    • Sounds to Dogmatic to me Sky rim player. Go back to your video games and your miserable life. OMG! Good luck getting anyone to listen to your cold hearted fictitious podcast. Lmao. You are too much. No one here is going to be converted to your strange hateful ways.
      FYI. Unakite encourages you to love yourself for who you are, which in turn allows you to attract and keep the love of others. Fat or skinny get it sky rim!? Also…. There are some books that say that unakite is beneficial for weight loss. “I will say right here and now, that the short time I carried unakite on me, I began to GAIN weight. In Melody’s book, “Love is In the Earth”, she states that unakite can “enhance weight gain such that the weight is added in the areas chosen.”” CrystalGemstones.com
      Intent is everything. Is it not Sky Rim? We listen to Brook because she is a good person inside and out. We listen to Brook because she cares and shares our stories and helps us answer questions. Most of her info is quoted from books. Are you saying Scott Cuningham is a fraud?
      Go finish high school and get off your high horse. Go to a river that runs away from you and release all of your negativity. Imagine it leaving your blackened heart and soul (if it’s in there) and maybe take a dip in that river. Release the cray cray Sky Rim. Then when you go home don’t listen to Brook. (We know you love her show because you quote many episodes.) Meditate on love and light. Maybe get a peace of unikite, put it in a glass bowl of water in your home and let it balance you, let it heal your emotions. Just don’t carry it on you you may or may not gain weight.
      Peace out Sky Rim.
      Brightest Blessings Mollie 🙂

      • Hi Mollie! I agree with you 110%. One of the best features of Brook’s podcast is how honest and real it is. She’s a real-life pagan, and shares her real experiences with us. (Up to this day I’m still laughing thinking of the neighbour wandering into her yard when she was doing a ritual. That must have been crazy and then some!)

        This Earana, seems to be set on trying to get promoted through Brook’s podcast, and mistakenly thinks that the way to do so is by trashing her.

    • And here we have an excellent example of closed-minded pagan elitism! Just because we don’t follow YOUR path doesn’t mean we are not pagan enough. I pity you. You are so closed off that you can’t see the beauty in front of you and you end up missing out on the valuable lessons the Gods are trying to teach you. Just because Brooke shares her life and pagan knowledge with us and it’s not what you was taught doesn’t make her wrong. It means you need to open up to other possibilities. If you keep listening to Brooke’s podcast then there is clearly something you need to learn from her!
      I pray your heart and mind open up soon,
      Moon Daughter

  5. Brook! 😀 You’ve reached a new level of FAME! Now you have your own personal Troll! 😀 I bet Earana spends her nights up constantly thinking of you and your podcast and ways to do what she does best: trolling.

    I know, it’s not pretty, but hey! Not everybody is able to express their undying admiration with positive words.

    You are doing a Faboulous job, and each episode is better than the one before. Gods and Goddesses and Angels look upon you and bless you greatly. 😀 You are a ray of light in out life. 😀

  6. Woo hoo!!! I’m a teenager again!! Oh how I’ve missed being a teenager for the last 27 years!!! Now. I wonder if this self-proclaimed expert witch of a coven that doesn’t exist who has a non-existent podcast can bring back my virginity…. Hey, we all have dreams. Apparently.

  7. I wonder if Earana pickets military funerals and such. She sounds like a card-carrying member of Westboro. In all my years as a Pagan (and since I am middle age I cannot believe she would mistake me as a teenager. Thank you for the compliment. It comes from clean living and washing off all my makeup before going to bed each night), I have never heard such tripe. I am saddened that this woman considers herself in the same category as me. However, I will not stoop down to her level (I am way too old to stoop anyway). May love and light lift her up to mine.

  8. I kind of feel sorry for Earana. She is obviously very lonely and has chosen this community to try (in a negative way) to become a part of. I, for one, am NOT a teenager and haven’t been one in a very long time. I find Brook’s podcast to be refreshing in its honesty and its humility. I look forward to each new episode because its like sitting down and visiting with a friend. I tried to find reference to Earana and can’t find anything and if she comes out with a podcast I for one will avoid it like the plague. Her vitriol is what is wrong with the internet. I will continue to send light and love her way. Brook, don’t take this troll too seriously. She has some growing up to do.

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