iPod Witch Episode #124 aka Samhain Paranormal Extravaganza!

I have stories from my listeners, feedback, rambles, and more.  I missed two e-mails somehow while doing this so I’ll get those next time!

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Episode #124


3 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #124 aka Samhain Paranormal Extravaganza!

  1. To All Pagan Podcast Listeners.

    My name is Earana and I have been high priestess of the Temple of the Altmer coven here in New York City for 30 years.

    As a member of The Pagan Federation from the beginning of its launch in 1971 in the UK and now international, I have been summoned to a meeting last week to organise an appeal and blessing for the Philippine people due to the crisis that has occurred in their country.

    Whilst at this meeting another subject that arose was the topic of E-Wicca and wiccan resources on the internet, etc.. Including websites, books, online shops, podcasts and such.

    This is a topic I have delved into over 2 years ago when I discovered a lot of inaccuracy and false information regarding Wicca and people claiming to be Pagan online and spreading the wrong traditions and false practices.

    One such podcast that has caught my attention was ” The Ipod Witch” by a Brook L. Stargazer. After being approached by a concerned follower of my own coven while doing a speech and research on this subject, I was recommended to explore this podcast.

    I was not prepared for emotions that caught my attention when I first listened to an episode of this podcast.

    A “woman” who claimed to be wiccan for many years ridiculing a sacred religion that people has fought to resurrect and gain respect for so many years.

    This woman terms herself as a witch in order to promote herself and make fun and games for herself and socialise with people. This might not be a problem, however the issues occurred when I found that many people actually associate her as a pagan and wiccan follower and look to her for advice.

    This woman provides ridiculous and outrageous answers to her askers and many times contradicts herself or exclaims false information… For example telling a woman who asked for weight loss help to use a unakite crystal to shed weight.. When in fact a unakite crystal has been used since ancient times for weight gain and appetite promoter.

    This is only one of the thousands of contradictions she has made. Which sh fact dangerously prescribes!

    I was also appalled at the manner that was portrayed when answering the actual important questions received from listeners a woman named Catherine asked Brook about familiars, she simply made a complete mockery of the question and did not enclose any useful information on the topic! and continued to rant and use horrible language to address some controversy she had with another one of her listeners. Using profanities is particularly distasteful to me.

    Most of the time she does not even talk about paganism and instead talks about drinking Coca Cola and other slothy behaviours instead of an actual pagan podcast.

    Do not promote a broadcast to people as pagan when it is in fact not.

    I have not listened to every episode of the filth as I cannot bear to see my religion being dragged through the dirt once more.

    I urge people to please stop listening to these podcasts if you truly want to experience the pagan religion and open your spirituality to enjoy the magic of life and mysteries of the earth.

    There is many useful and reliable online links featured on the Pagan Federation Website or my own website “The Temple of Altmer” for all international wiccans. This links are all credible and helpful for people beginning the craft and tools for experienced practitioners to follow and be guided.

    I also intend to open my own podcast for people beginning the craft and explore the various traditions and provide a helpful basis and resource for anyone use for information or needs proper guidance.

    Blessed Be,

    High Priestess of the Temple of Altmer, NYC.

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