New layout!

I felt it was time for a new layout, so I changed it.  All the links, photos, and what not are still on each page, they are just in the footer.  If you are missing anything, just scroll down! 🙂

I also moved the Mabon page to a post. It’s in the old posts instead of being it’s own page now. I hope everyone likes the updates! ^_^


One thought on “New layout!

  1. It does look quite neat and professional. I do miss a little bit your pictures and your knick-knacks, but this way the text pops-up quite clearly. Hope to see what you have for us in store!

    I love to read about your 2010 Mabon, with the Coke “ale”. ^_^ It makes me feel less silly for using nachos and beer at Mabon 2011 with my friends. I guess the point isn’t to get the right kind of wine and the right kind of cake, but to imbue the items with symbolism and perform the ceremony with an honest, clean heart, right? Perhaps – from a Christian point of view – it’s better to take the Body and Blood of Christ in the form of coke and nachos, but with an honest heart and true conviction, than to use fine wine and holy, blessed waffers, with an uncaring, lying heart.

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