iPod Witch Episode #81

Listener feedback, What I’m Reading, Rambles, and more! 🙂 Links mentioned in the show are as follows:

Eggs in Divination

Little WitchCrafts for young Pagans

What I’m Reading list:
Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking
Ghosts of Virginia Vol. 13 by: L.B. Taylor
No, Daddy Don’t by: Irene Pence
Starvation Heights by: Gregg Olsen
The Classmate Murders by: Bob Moats
I hope everyone enjoys the podcast. 🙂

Episode #81


2 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #81

  1. haven’t listened to the show yet but i did get your add on good reads.(ty by the way) wow, you were not joking when u said you liked true crime! lol

  2. Hiya, you added an an for another Pagan podcast for Sola (spelling?) I haven’t been able to find her podcast and I’m certain it’s because I’m spelling her name wrong.

    Thank you and Thank you thank you Thank you for your podcast, I’m a new listener (3 episodes in) I can’t wait to hear the rest.




    Sure you can use my letter in the feedback, now and always.

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