iPod Witch Episode #74

I have listener feedback, Brook’s Basics, What I’m Reading, and more! Links mentioned in the show:

Brook opens her Yule gifts

Divine Community

Books from reading list:

A Witches Bag of Tricks by: Melanie Marquis
11.22.63 by: Stephen King
The Herbal Alchemists Handbook by: Karen Harrison
Pretty Little Liars: Unbelievable by: Sara Shepard
Bag of Bones by: Stephen King
The Royal Book of Oz by: Ruth Plumly Thompson
Too Young Too Kill by: M. William Phelps
But I Trusted You by: Ann Rule
PLL: Wicked by: Sara Shepard
A Fever in the Heart by: Ann Rule
Kabumpo in Oz by: Ruth Plumly Thompson
The Devil in The White City by: Erik Larson

Episode #74


18 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #74

  1. Thanks Brook I can always count on you to have something I will have to get real soon and start reading. On the subjects of books, you mentioned the Philadelphia Public library we could join then down load books free. Can you repeat the info on that please. I have a question for you. Is there a new JOJO yet? I was hoping maybe for Christmas Santa would bring you a new friend. Well Brook hope you had a very festive holiday and wish you the best in the New Year. Oh P.S. TV did not do Bag of Bones justice. You can say on that one the book was far better. It sucked big time. Witchii

  2. Brook,

    That was so much fun to watch you open up the Yule gifts. You look great and your positive energy really shines through. Thank you!

  3. Aceste etape sunt foarte importante in crearea unui site, sau daca acesta este deja creat trebuie facute in cayul in care doriti un succes garantat pentru afacerea pe care o detineti. Astfel dupa cum va puteti da seama acest mod de a promova produsele si serviciile este foarte la moda si totodata foarte eficient, si rezultatele vor fi vizibile si durabile in timp.

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