iPod Witch Episode #71

I have quite a lot of listener feedback, an episode of Pagan on the Go, What I’m Reading, and I share with you my Samhain celebration! 🙂

I hope you enjoy. The books in the WIR segment:

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by: Stephen King
The Murder Room by: Michael Capuzzo
Skyjack by: Geoffrey Gray
Princess Academy by: Shannon Hale
Snapdragon Alley by: Tom Lichtenberg
Pretty Little Liars by: Sara Shepard
Pet Semetary by: Stephen King
PLL Flawless by: Sara Shepard
PLL Perfect by: Sara Shepard

See you all next time! =)

Episode #71


One thought on “iPod Witch Episode #71

  1. Hey Brook,

    You cracked me up with the blanket story. My place is not well insulated, and I turn the heat off at night to try and save on the bill. I’ve found that wearing some kind of headgear really helps to keep me warm. Mostly it’s just a knit cap (sometimes hard to keep on) or a balaclava, but I’d even resort to a bomber cap if I had too! bethers

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