iPod Witch Episode #58

I have listener feedback, a brand new segment, What I’m Reading, and more! I hope you enjoy. The program that Bess mentioned: Briss

Books listed in WIR:

Changeling by: Yasmine Galenorn
Dreadfully Ever After by: Steve Hockensmith
Once Dead, Twice Shy by: Kim Harrison
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by: C.S. Lewis
In The Still of the Night by: Ann Rule
Pretty in Plaid by: Jen Lancaster
Darkling by: Yasmine Galenorn
Horror Stories by: Jack Kilborn
Summer of Night by: Dan Simmons
Killers by: Nigel Cawthorne
A Decent Into Hell by: Kathryn Casey
Crossfire by: James Patterson
Fallen by: Lauren Kate
BTK The Inside Story by: Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, Hurst Laviana, and L. Kelly
Criminal Ivestigations Serial Killers by: Michael Newton and John L. French
The Paranormal Sourcebook by: Charles E. Sellier
The Devil’s Dozen by: Katherine Ramsland

That’s it for this time! See you in two weeks. =)

Episode #58


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