iPod Witch Episode #54

I have listener feedback, a Pagan on the Go segment, What I’m Reading Now segment, and more! Links mentioned in the show are as follows:

Two sites for ebooks:

Occult Underground

Wejee’s Free Metaphysical Library

AWESOME software for converting files to your particular e-reader. There is a Mac, PC, and Linux addition!
I highly recommend this software. I’ve used it since I got my NOOKColor and it is great!

Books mentioned in the “What I’m Reading” segment
Hollow Land by: Amanda Hocking
The Tommy Knockers by: Stephen King
Needful Things by: Stephen King
The Shining by: Stephen King
The Regulators by: Stephen King ( I said Desperation in the podcast by mistake)
The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption by: Jim Gorant
The Murder of King Tut by: James Patterson
Dawn of the Dreadfuls by: Steve Hockensmith and Patrick Arrasmith
Scary Mary by: S. A. Hunter
Stalking Shadows (Scary Mary 2) by: S. A. Hunter
The Bastard Mummy by: Frank Zafiro
Mrs. Raffles by: John K. Bangs
Skinny Bitch by: Kim Barnouin

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Enjoy the episode and see you next time. :^)

Episode #54


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