iPod Witch Episode #48

Yes, it’s here! The long awaited episode #48! Whee! =)  I have listener feedback and I update everyone on what has been going on in my life the past few months.  Welcome to 2011.  ^__^

Links mentioned in the show:

Witches Voice
Project Fey

I hope you enjoy!

PS on the images page I have uploaded a picture of my portable Altar and my bedroom Altar.  The page is displaying more than one copy of the pictures. I will try to fix this asap!

Episode #48


4 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #48

  1. Hi Brook: I’m so glad you’re back. It was fun to hear you read my e-mails. And yes, please do post my website. However, I do have a favor to ask: there’s a contact/comment form on the site that appears to be broken (I suspect it’s an IE [Internet Explorer] problem), so I request that if anyone want to comment on the site or ask questions, they contact me directly at dragontamerdesign@clearwire.net, rather than try using the form.


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