Delays delays….

SO SO SO sorry about the delay.  I was going to get a podcast out this past Christmas weekend but I’m sick.  I have a cold with cough and all that yucky stuff.  Talking makes me hack up a lung, so the podcast had to be shelved for the moment.  Never fear! I AM alive and I have NOT podfaded.  I hopefully will be back to normal this weekend. (I’m still hacking periodically as I type this.)  I am MUCH better than I was, so I’m going to try to podcast this weekend.  Hang in there people, I’m coming back, I promise!


4 thoughts on “Delays delays….

  1. Hi Brook: I so understand about yucky colds and such. So glad to hear you are not podfading. Looking forward to your next podcast, whenever you manage to get it out! Hang in there and blessed be!


  2. Hey Brook. I’m also glad to hear that you are not podfading. I know how you feel with that cold. I’m suffering from a really bad sinus infection right now. The minute I can sleep laying down again I’ll be so grateful. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh poor you Brook. There a so many bugs and colds around at the moment, my hubby has been ill with it all over the holiday. Ive managed to dodge it so far…….Hope you feel better soon. X

  4. Hey Brook, sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, home made chicken soup is my suggested cure (cures everything I have used it for and is a great comfort food too). Hope you had a pleasent holiday and all the best for the New year.
    Can’t wait for your next podcast when you are feeling better.
    Take care and )O( Blessed Be )O(

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