For Mabon 2010, I decided that I wanted to do three things.  Two of these were accomplished.  One was to have a picnic lunch in the park.  I was able to do this at Dan Daniels park.  I had a vegetable plate from Piggly Wiggly with a piece of corn bread.  My ‘ale’ was Coca Cola.  I went to the park and found a nice table up a hill from a shelter.  There were three tables under the trees.  I had my lunch in the lovely woods.  After I ate, I took several pictures of my surroundings and picked up several leaves and one rock to commemorate my day.

The second thing I planned to do was get some corn husks to make a corn dolly.  Unfortunately when I went to PW, they only had corn prepackaged.  I wasn’t able to get the husks.

The third thing I wanted to do was have hash brown casserole as my Mabon feast.  This was accomplished after getting a couple of ingredients at PW.  I made my casserole and enjoyed it for my harvest feast.

All in all it was a good day.  It would have be perfect if not for the fact that I was sick.  I am not sure what was wrong with me, but I’ve been feeling horrible all day.  I had to rush home after my park experience because I felt so bad.  I didn’t leave the house after that.

I didn’t do a formal circle for the day, but I did light a candle and some incense on my Altar for the occasion and gave thanks to Anubis and Hecate for the day. Speaking of Anubis, I also printed out two pictures of Him to post over the doors of my house as a house protection.  I put one over the front door, and the other ON the back door.  There isn’t any room above the back door.

As I pasted the final one on the back door, I said, “At this place, in this hour, This house is protected, by Anubis’ power.”

It was a good Mabon.

Blessed Be!



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