iPod Witch Episode #32

Welcome to the latest episode. I’m calling this the listener feedback show. Why? it’s FULL of listener feedback. There was so much that I didn’t get to it all. I hope you enjoy!  Here are the links mentioned in the show:

A Witch’s Primer

Firefly Academy


Some Pagan stores in Britain:

Every Witch Way


Pagan Dreams

Arnemetias the Purple Shop,

6 Market Street,



SK17 6JY

Tel: 01298 70793

email: spiritvisions999@aol.com

website: http://www.spiritvisions.co.ukopening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10.30am, until 3.30pm.

All other times by appointment call Brenda 01298 25858

All links thanks to Tilly!

Also be sure to visit Fire Lyte’s blog

For the archived episodes of this podcast (episodes 1-10) Go to the old site and look to the right. You’ll find the links in the sidebar. I’ll be moving them over soon.

And last but not least:

The Witches Voice

Enjoy! Have a wonderful Mabon on Tuesday.

Episode #32


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