I got the majority of my Jack o’ Lanterns together tonight and took a picture of them. This is most of them. There are a few I didn’t get in there. 🙂 Some of the ones in the pictures are ones I found tonight at Goodwill! lol

Jack pictures. (^^)


6 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Unbelievably cute!!!Your collection of pumpkins vastly outnumbers my Halloween collection. I collect little witch statues and paraphernalia. Cauldrons, black cats, hats, and cute little witches I find here and there.You might be interested in the cute little pumpkins that Kirklands has put out, and Michael's has a great selection of decorations! Thanks for your continued support of the blog!Love and Lyte,Fire Lyte

  2. Ah, yes. You are a pagan podcaster, are you not?Yet, different from the others. Yes, yes – this is good.There's a small matter with which you may be able to assist.It's nothing worth involving your fellow podkin in I assure you.Best if kept just on your podcast, yes?It's a simple task really, – all you need to do is reveiw a book for me. The book is entitled "Fingers of the Witch". It is a great book for you and i would very much like too hear your thoughts on it. I for one think it is one of the most magical books of all. You can find it in most old bookstores.Let me know immediatly when you have it. Make no mention of it to Leverna or any off your other podkin. Lets make it a symbol to the ipod witch show, since i love it so much, it will be well worth your effort. So, get amazon open and wbay searching ahha, run along now. Carminalda

  3. Hey Brook!I hear, the witchy guild is recruiting again in NY, not a bad place to do some study if you got the stones for it. I just lovveeee your jack'o lanterns, they are saoooow cute!!! Love Loretta

  4. I remember in one of your podcasts you mentioned a thing for Jacks–girl, you weren't kidding! It looks like a lot of fun going on over there 🙂 My kids and I like Jack Skeleton from the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD, and we have a couple of his character pumpkins for decor. Now I want to go out and get a couple more!

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