iPod Witch Episode #27

I spoke too soon! I got an e-mail from my host and got everything worked out. I was able to upload this episode! This episode has a lot of listener feedback and a fresh first hand account of my fun at the Gem and Mineral show in Martinsville Virginia! Here is a link to my Flickr feed so you can see what I purchased:

My Flickr They are in a set for easy viewing

Link mentioned in the podcast:

Anubis at the airport

My podcast of the moment:
From the Edge of the Circle

And last but not least, the newest podcast on my iPod:

Hollow Hill

Thanks for listening everyone! See you next time! 🙂

Episode 27


2 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #27

  1. Hi brook Thank you for reading my email, I am happy you enjoyed my comments about the Pagan community with the donations. I have a Lammas cookout on Aug 1 here in Cartersville Ga where i live. I have invited some different groups and where gonna have a pagan trivia, pagan bingo, some workshops such as; corn dollies, candle magick & incense class. I really hope its a good turn out so we can do it again next year. talk to you soon.Ski

  2. Hehe, you do your first explicit show, we do our first clean show in almost 100 episodes – there is balance in the universe!The comment on Podcast Alley by sidheravenmoon is obviously crap. I take a critical look at my fellow podcasters. However, why must every podcaster that is sharing their personal viewpoints, knowledge and experiences be an expert? You're no newbie, but I'm not listening to this show to gain deep philosophical perspectives on various analyses of The Ardanes either. I like your ramblings since usually somewhere along the way they wander into Pagan territory where you share some interesting insights.I say the comment was crap because it seems very obvious they didn't pay attention most recent episodes of the show. Yes, there are shows out there by unknowledgable/inexperienced Pagans… not that there's anything wrong with that but this certainly isn't one of those shows. Had this person so much as listened to 1 entire episode they'd realize this.Then again, there's also the fact a lot of people are new to podcasting. They don't realize podcasts are by people in their homes. They also don't understand how to listen to a podcast, often starting with the oldest (not newest) episodes. I know I've had to move most of our old episodes of PCP onto a separate feed because we were getting poor iTunes feedback based off episodes 1 through 10… recorded FOUR YEARS AGO!The only thing I do agree with in this crap comment is we podcasters do need to be more realistic in terms of conveying when we think the next episode of a show will be released.

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