iPod Witch Episode #26

Hello everyone! I’m back. 🙂 Today I have a lot of listener feedback. A bit of criticism, thus the explicit rating on this episode, and my replies. I also talk about Wolves and give my cure for poison ivy (nasty stuff, that!), give a link to a gem pronouncement guide, and give an announcement about the Pagan Spirit Gathering. I hope this podcast finds you well!

Links from this episode in order:

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve

International Wolf Center

Gem and Mineral Pronouncement guide

Treasures of The Earth
main page

Pagan Spirit Gathering

And, of course, the:
Podcast of the moment: Moonshine

Thank you to all my listeners. This show is for YOU! 🙂

Episode 26


8 thoughts on “iPod Witch Episode #26

  1. Hi Brook its Ski you go girl you tell them like it is you no your craft!!!!!!!Thank you for the feed back on my emails. You are a great ipod witch and dont let no one tell you differentbless be ski

  2. Hi Brook!LOVE LOVE LOVE Episode #26! You go girl! LOLWe love you, we love your podcast – pay no attention to the haters. IMHO such “holier-than-thou” attitudes completely go against the principles of the Craft. Paganism/Wicca is not a “one size fits all” belief system – that’s one of the things I love most about it. There’s room for all viewpoints!

  3. Hi Brook and Merry MeetMy name is Areana Kat (yes I am a girl lol)I’m a recently new listener but as soon as I heard your latest podcasat 26 I HAD to write a comment. I LOVE your podcast and the rambling is so funny it make my day. After hearing your 26 podcast and what the haters out there made me write to you because you are helping people out there. I love the kittens.I better go now because I am starting to ramling. Bless BeAreana KatP.S. you can read this on you podcast if you do you will make my day!

  4. Hi Brook, I have listened to your show since the beginning I love it. Don’t let one person get to you. That is probably just what they wanted. Hope all is well. Mike

  5. What makes me mad is thatshe didn’t just diss you.She dissed your listenersalso which makes me really mad. Anyway if that ever happens again… don’t givethe commenter his or her attenion.All they want is the satisfactionand attention of you ranting andknowing that they caused it. ButYou still did handle the situation very well!

  6. I know this comment is belated, i am catching up on podcasts.    I have never really commented on any website and rarely email …but you're genuineness and ability to make me smile have touched me! I want to tell you that ur work is appreciated and important. I have been listening to yours since you began. I was soo happy to find it when searching for Pagan podcasts! I love the show and have my bf hooked now. He loves it too. Can't wait to get my best friend her iPhone today!!!! She is gonna LOVE you. You remind me of her btw. Like her: You inspire in me the JOY of all the little things in life and Nature. The things that matter.  Thanks for the effort you put into podcasting.  I forget which episode of your podcasts i was listening to, but I was laughing out loud! Your 'ramble' brought to mind all the times my friend &I have been on our knees digging through giant bins of gem stones in the middle of the rock shop!We adore your style: friendly, passionate for life, positive and REAL.  Listening to you is like sitting down with an old friend.   Please KNOW that you have the support, cyberlove and good mojo of MANY good people. Shame one bitter-agressive-deadwrong naysayer. Not very Paganlike of her, if you ask me! I was spitting nails to hear those ridiculous comaints, particularly The most viscious of them all!Kudos to you for having the strength to adress them all and stand up for yourself!

  7. Heheh part two :)Please forgive the long-windedness! Chalk it up to inspiration and sleep deprivation lol  Thank you in advance!I would like to reccomend this book ato ALL and for Catherine, especially; who's email you read on episode 26. Even if Shadow is not your familiar I think you two would love to work with this book. It's soo much FUN and very informative. There is a chapter devoted to feline familiars.  There are even horroscopes for cats! I should re-read them and see if they apply to my three!Table of contents include CAT: wisdom, history, deities, elemental folklore, magick&spells, feline power animals and familiars, rituals, charms, journal, fun facts, meditation&vision questing, workshheets and note pages …phew! It's just an awesome book.  When will she wrote one on DOGS for us, Brook?? Amazon.com has it and you can Look Inside. 🙂 also Llewellyn.com   The Enchanted Cat by Ellen Dugan (Feline Fascinations, Spells & Magick) Llewellyn publishing ofcourse! ISBN #0-7387-0769-4

  8. Many years back there was an incident in which Cleveland Amory, along with one of those animal rights group, were displaying a live wolf in a shopping center (somewhere in the midwest as far as I can recall). During the event, some idiot managed to let things get out of hand, and a little girl was mauled by the wolf.Of course, the entire environment of a shopping mall was unnatural to any wolf, and even less comfortable filled with crowds of humans. What did they expect, for it to act like a cocker spaniel puppy?Blessings, both Dark and Light from Down East here in Maine.

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