Episode #23

Hello everyone! I have episode 23 up and ready for you to download! I have several segments this time. I go more in depth on the way to pick your Craft name by the numbers. Here is the chart:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I also have a gem segment, this time it’s Jasper. I also have a bit on Ostara and spring cleaning!

I mention the podcasts I have found lately and they are:

Get Out of the Broom Closet

The College Witch

Gwineveres Wiccan Files

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Episode #23


8 thoughts on “Episode #23

  1. Hello Brooke!I’m a recently new listener, but as soon as I heard your latest podcasat I HAD to write a comment. I’ve even paused your wonderful podcast to write this. My message is – please don’t stop the rambling! lol The rambling is what gives your show it’s heart and personalises it for the listener. It makes me feel like you’re just a regular person like me, not just some dry podcast that just preaches wicca theory with no personality. Of course having said this, what I love about your show is that you have a great balance between being informative and letting us relax and have fun whilst listening as well. I’m definitely in the 95% that love your show the way it is and I would be sad if the show lost your personal touches.LoveSamantha (you’re biggest fan in Australia)

  2. Brook, I know there might be a couple of people that don’t like your rambles (as you mentioned) but I say don’t stop the rambles! It adds a unique touch to your podcast and makes your podcast the iPod Witch! Keep up the GREAT work!-Dan, The College Witch

  3. Brooke,I’ve been listening to your podcast over the past several months and I really enjoy each episode. The “rambling” that some people sometimes complain about is part of what I like! – C. LangP.S. I am a girl. 🙂

  4. Hi there… I’m Portos, a wiccan from Paraguay (Southamerica). I wanted to write some comments… I have to tell you that I’ve just got a new iPod so I started looking for wiccan podcasts and got your last one… I really enjoyed it. Just wanted to tell you that I really liked the rambling too… 🙂 I am downloading now the other episodes… I liked the candle idea… I know how to make candles but always is good to learn something new… like the milk thingy… :)BBPortos… (Your new fan from the heart of southamerica… that’s my country… PARAGUAY)

  5. Hey Brooke!I’m just listening to your newest podcast and I agree with you in saying fooey to those who don’t like your rambling! It’s part of your charm and one of the reasons I love listening to your podcast. It makes me feel like I’m just hanging out at the table with you chit chatting and having a good time. I think life is far too short to be totally serious, and if you have the want to ramble about something do it! LOL but I may also just speak for myself in saying I enjoy when you ramble. Hope you have a wonderful week!Otter

  6. This is the first episode that I have listened to – I found you on Facebook first! I really enjoy your show – and that includes the rambling. It makes me feel like we are sitting in your living room chatting about whatever comes up – makes me feel at home. I really enjoyed the explanation of how to find your craft name – I have been trying lots of ways and this was so easy and simple. My craft name that I arrived at was perfect!!!! It combined my love of Gaelic with my sea magic inclinations – I am thrilled! I am eager to hear the rest of your podcasts – will be working my way through them as I catch up at the office today.Thanks again!

  7. Hey Brook!Just thought I’d check in on you – we haven’t had a new podcast in a while. Sure hope everything is OK.Miss your podcasts! Blessed Be! 🙂

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