Episode #17

Hi! Episode 17 is ready for your downloading pleasure. 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys it. Here is a list of links mentioned in this episode:

Anubis Statue

My Flickr page
The Classical station

If there is any problem with it or any glitches, let me know please. I had it ready the first time and realized it was messed up and had to go back into GarageBand and fix it. I listened to it to make sure it was okay and it sounded fine to me. It should be okay! :p At least I REALLY hope so! ^^;

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! 🙂 I’ll see you all in 2009!

Episode 17


3 thoughts on “Episode #17

  1. Anubis visited London in 2007 during one of the touring exhibits. Here are some pictures of him on a barge floating down the Thames. Pretty cool! Bethhttp://tinyurl.com/8ql3ou

  2. hey beth thanks for the link (from me) i love the pictures of anubis would love to see itanother great poscast brook and hope to see meany more to comeblessed bewinds willow

  3. Brook,As mentioned in your podcast, Thames is spelled a lot different than it is pronounced. I believe that it goes back all the way to “OLD” english. It is pronounced “Tims”.Blessed Be,Aurumdraco

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