Episode #16

Hi everyone! Episode 16 is up and ready for you to download. I have a lot of listener feedback in this episode. I actually had a book review ready for this podcast, but forgot to include it in! I’ll do that next time.

Please be sure to check out the wonderful Pagan Podcast index that HedonsDog has created!

The Pagan Podcast index

It is a wonderful site and a genius idea! I love it! 🙂 Thank you HedonsDog for this wonderful site.

I hope everyone enjoys this episode! Until next time, Brightest Blessings to you!

Episode #16


3 thoughts on “Episode #16

  1. hey brook winds willow herei was thinkingbecause you had asked for sujestions on the showi was going to through a few ideas around see what you thoughtmaybe deitys (<— did i spell that right)of the god and godessor even elemental manipulationjust somthing to think aboutcongratulations on another fantastic episodeand sorry for the spelling never been any good at english ):blessed be

  2. Another idea… you turned me on to Beyond Reality Radio and through that I’ve found a bunch of other paranormal investigation podcasts and websites… Maybe you could use that as a subject… maybe any personal ghost experiences or your own take on what ghost activity is in relationship to your beliefs?Just a brainstorm.Oh, you asked a while back about archiving or… I don’t remember the other option because archiving sounded fine to me… just wanted to put that opinion out there…Blessings!-Scarletlakefrontpaganvoice@yahoo.com

  3. Hello Brook,I just wanted to swing by and say congratulations on another fabulous podcast episode! I got very excited listening to this one, because you read the comment I had previously posted! LOL. Keep podcasting! Absolutely love them!

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