Episode #13

Hi everyone! Today’s episode of the iPod Witch features listener feedback, information on Blue Lace Agates, and I share information about my Samhain / Halloween doings. 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys!

Episode #13


3 thoughts on “Episode #13

  1. winds willow here!its great that you mention your comments and email on the showit really makes it seem like your talking to meand not large groups of peoplebut anyways just a few sujestionsthat me personally would be very intrested inmeditations and types of meditationauras and how can you see themor meanings???also casting the quartersdoing the quarters have all ways been a part of circle that i have never felt i was doing it right??sorry for the spellingkeep up the showbrightest blessingswinds willow

  2. Merry Meet Brook!I have been listening to your podcast since you started and I love it! I am from the North and I love your accent! I have and Aunt and cousins in Virginia Beach and hearing you makes me miss them. I am have been enrolled in a Wiccan college and will be initiated in January. I just started taking a pendulum class and was wondering if you work with them and if you do how do you like them?Blessed Be!WenWeath

  3. Thanks Winds Willow and WenWeath. 🙂 I hope you all heard your comments in episode 14. Winds Willow I will be doing a casting the circle podcast soon. (I promise!)And WenWeath, I do use a pendulum. It’s a gorgeous Quartz crystal one. 🙂

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