Episode #9

This is a full episode! I have a lot of listener feedback and a book review. I review Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham. I also provide some information about places to buy Wiccan / Pagan items online. If you need to buy things online because you don’t have a store near you, try one of these:

Isis Books

Azure Green

Both of these companies have been around a long time and are trustworthy.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Don’t forget to vote at Podcast Alley and be sure to leave me some feedback! 🙂

Episode 9


6 thoughts on “Episode #9

  1. Hi Brook,I enjoyed the podcast today and I wanted to tell you that yes, Isis is a great place to shop. I live near Denver and I shop there. Great friendly people and lots and lots of good stuff!I was glad to hear them mentioned on the show. Celestite

  2. Hey Brook!I know you hear this all the time but you make it so much easyer to find out about wicca. B/C there really isnt alot out there for a solitary practitioner to get their hands on. oh yeah you were talking about get the encilopedia of herbs(sorry not the best speller!),Scott Cunningham, well the best web sight that i get books from, and they are cheap,is http://www.alibris.com. keep up the great podcast!

  3. Hey Brook, I am new new to the wiccan ways and had found your podcast on itunes. I enjoy listening to it very much. I love how you describe so many books, about crystals and just talk about life as a wiccan. Its great hearing another wiccan talk about so many things I like also. I live in a small town called titusville in Pennsylvania and have’nt had any luck of finding other wiccans or good book stores in the area, but thanks to your pocast I know what books to look for online to read. keep up the good work Merry Meet and Blessed Be.P.s. Also a huge apple product lover 🙂

  4. Hi there Brook,I just wanted to drop by and say hello! I haven’t listened to you before today (just been so busy lately – I haven’t even put a podcast episode out myself for a couple of months!), but I wanted to drop by and say I listened to your first episode and loved it. I think you’ll go far :)Also, thanks for linking me on your site :)BBTahlea Moonwater

  5. hi brook(pre-warning im not the greatest at spelling)just thought i would say great job with the pod cast your the first pagan pod cast i downloaded and i love it here in new zealand their aint meany pagans around AT ALL and hear what you have to say makes learning so much more easy i love the accent and you all ways have the most sweetest things to saygod now you have got me startedblessed be Winds Willow

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