Episode 7

This episode is full of fun! 🙂 I have listener feedback, a book review, and some various ramblings! :p I hope everyone enjoys. Please give me some feedback. Don’t forget you can vote for me at Podcast Alley! The link it on the right. Thanks for listening!

Episode 7


2 thoughts on “Episode 7

  1. Just listened to your new podcast, cannot wait for your cast on Anubis!! It’s weird that you said something about him, when just the other day, I saw this BEAUTIFUL statue of him! It was black and white with gold accents. Also I just have to tell you me and my mom LOVE Ghost Hunters (I gotta find a TAPS T-Shirt for her) and cannot WAIT for the return! I’m not a huge fan of Ghost Hunters International… I like to stick with the people I like. It’s like when CSI had those “spin offs”… I couldn’t watch them happily, because I missed the characters I knew. Anyways I’m sure I’m off topic now. I wanted to say something else… OH your book review! Is Witch in the Kitchen anything like Kitchen Witchery? I brought that awhile back… but wanted to know (if you have indeed read it or seen it before) which you prefer. ANYWAYS thank you for the wonderful cast, you made my Friday! Please continue the great work!

  2. Whee, Hi again xsakakix! I loooooooooooooooooooooove TAPS and Ghost Hunters. I’m such a Jason and Grant (and Steve and Tango and Kris and Kristen) fan girl! :pThanks for listening to the casts and commenting! It’s fun to do these casts. Oh! Since I totally butchered the address for TAPS in my podcast, here it is:http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/I was all like. bla blah blah.. erem.. uh. lol So there it is. ^_~

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